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Virtual Summit for Therapists

Hosted by Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT, Mindset + Systems Clini-Coach®

Nov 29 - Dec 3

Learn how to overcome your mindset + systems challenges so you can gain more time, flexibility and freedom in your practice-- and your LIFE!




Virtual Summit

for Therapists

Nov 29 - Dec 3

Learn how to overcome your mindset and systems challenges so that you can gain more time, flexibility and freedom in your practice and your life!

Hosted by

Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT,

Mindset + Systems Clini-Coach®

Being a therapist often means running on empty while trying to support everyone around you… especially during a #globalpandemic.


  • Stressed and overwhelmed, keeping you stuck on where to start and what to do next.

  • Frustrated when clients, colleagues, or family members try to push your limits (but then trapped in a catch 22: regret when you bend your boundaries & guilt when you hold firm).

  • Always feeling behind. You are starting to make mistakes, miss deadlines, and forget important tasks.

  • Double booking clients because your calendar is overflowing and you’re inconsistent with writing down changes to your schedule.

  • Losing money (yikes)! because you owe late fees for missed bills & you don’t know which clients have a balance.

  • Depleted by the end of each week. Your professional chaos is starting to bleed into your personal life.

The shame and isolation of how overwhelmed you truly feel is growing by the day. You’ve (secretly) wondered if you’re cut out for this work.

The Time, Flexibility, and Freedom summit is about giving you back your life.

Imagine stepping out of your office and knowing that your work was done for the day...

  • Your notes are finished...

  • Your billing is complete...

  • Your office is in order (and it’s not even dinner time yet)!

You’ve effectively wrapped up the day’s work in a neat little bow so you can go home and enjoy your well-deserved time off.

Overwhelm doesn’t have to be your life.

You ARE cut out for this oh-so-important work.

It’s simply a matter of setting yourself up for success.

The Time, Flexibility, & Freedom Virtual Summit

is about giving you the tools and resources you need to be YOU.

In just 5 days, you’ll learn from 18+ experts how to love what you do (again), what systems you need to simplify your life, and how to create long-lasting change.

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Meet Your Host

Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT

Mindset + Systems Clini-Coach®

Hi, I’m Liz! A therapist just like you. I'm also a Mindset + Systems Clini-Coach® where I support therapists to overcome their systems + mindset challenges so they can gain more time, flexibility, & freedom in their practices-- and lives!

Being a therapist is hard work- especially in today’s world. In 2018, I created Organize and Thrive to combine my love of organization, creativity, & community. This summit was the perfect way to bring even more therapists together and offer a supportive (and fun) place to learn, grow, and connect.

I know you're wondering... but who are you? I'm a Highly Sensitive introverted midwestern girl who lives in Chicago, IL with my husband and mini goldendoodle, Bailey. I self-soothe by color-coding my spreadsheets, watching some good ole' Netflix, playing Candy Crush and eating cookie dough (yes, sometimes all at the same time. And yes, I make cookie dough JUST to eat it raw).